Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tonight are quite special. My Dad, Mum and little sister are went out. I don't know why, incrediblilly I have some bore. Before I always shouting with them - Do not tolking loudly...but now...that's very funny!

Shopping, shopping...that's ideal full of my head, I need to finish that at the New Year, but that's not easy! I ran amost half of the MongKok, just buy little. I don't know why, maybe my taste are special...but that enough make my tired. My leg like a wood, can't move, can't feeling. I really don't understand why a lot os people they will like shopping in Mongkok? Really that is not a good place for do any things, the street are short and narrow, the person almost can't going and come inside...I really hate!

Not mum's cooking food, I just can ate a little cup noodle, my god, that's terrible enough!

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