Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Old Lady
If deem journey danger's people is old. I think me also an old lady. Maybe some people will say sit down at home also dangers, if like this, what can you do?
I cannot sure what happen make me have like this not safe feel. But I believe if your childhood saw the people used knife plunder your family, saw your mum's marry present gave the thief wrest, saw your mother cries in your face...I think you impossible will deem this world is safe.
Although I think journey is danger,but I still like travelling, I wish see the different people, different culture. But everything just 'thinking' not to do. The problems except money also have the courage!
So, until now I just an OLY LADY, like watching the atlas and listen the traveller say his experience.

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Oztrip said...

Travelling teaches you how to cope with danger.