Monday, May 01, 2006

China with Hong Kong

1 may is Chinese labor festival. In mainland, people have a long long holiday in this festival. But Hong Kong is Hong Kong, He also have some differ thing than China. In earth holiday, I with my classmate went to Beijing, Our live in Beijing five days; visit the great wall, the Forbidden City... and exchange with the Beijing secondary school students. Its amazing thing, I have many thinking at this journey. If you went to Beijing, you must feel the dense politics atmosphere... We cannot watch the English or Cantonese TV, if you went to the museum, they maybe will think you ‘take the country secret’... this is not very good’s experience, when we ask the Beijing student about the politics questions. They like don’t know everything.
I think that is a problem, I know china government “seal off information’s skill"'s really perfect. So I think HK is a good place in China.

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John C said...

Yes Beijing is a very interesting place but the government of China does not like to give its people too much freedom.